The Montani school

École Montani was founded in 1965 by Gabriel Montani. The school promotes an outstanding teaching approach built on solid foundations. Our teaching method has been further developed year-by-year, and is based on the pupil's need for a dynamic learning environment.

Our approach is highly prized by those looking for individual follow-up where the school's teachers and staff are fully committed to offering the pupils mentoring at all times.

École Montani is determined to help its pupils succeed, but also wants to see them fulfilled and progressively growing in their independence. To that end, we offer flexibility; École Montani's comprehensive and consistent study plan and tutoring system make the school accessible to everyone.

Our stated ambition is that of a not-for-profit private school that has worked for more than 50 years with and for its pupils. The intention of our school is to be open, so do not hesitate to make an appointment for a visit and a personal interview. This does not commit you to anything and will open up astonishing new perspectives.