Dialogue - Respect - Openness

All the initiatives undertaken by our school are focused on our pupils' quality of life. That goal shines though in the choices and attitudes of all our staff.
To achieve that goal, our teaching method combines standard school classes and lessons with a distinct teaching approach that is constantly being further developed. The three basic principles that emerge from this approach are dialogue, respect, and openness.

Our objective is to motivate our pupils by encouraging them to focus their efforts on essential actions and avoid dispersing their energies and spreading themselves too thin. This is done through ongoing dialogue, first between the pupils and their teachers, as well as between the school and the parents. Each week, Montani pupils receive an evaluation with their school results, and each month a report summing up their progress. In addition to that document, the pupils receive a school report at the end of each semester. These documents give rise to regular interviews, which may be convened at any time by the parents or the school. That ongoing dialogue focused on the pupil's work keeps Montani pupils inspired and stimulated.

This is a key factor in any effective and fulfilling human system, and it is important to us that we prepare our pupils for the world outside and life in society. Montani pupils thus rapidly become aware of the principle of respect, so that they come to understand the notion of rights and responsibilities with regard to themselves and others, both in terms of work and self-awareness.
At the Montani school, the purpose of any disciplinary action is to instil in the pupil's mind the altruistic idea of respect for others, and to give that idea meaning in daily life. Recognising the essential role of pupils in their own academic performance, as well as the smooth progress of their life at school, keeps Montani pupils moving forward. That same recognition leads the pupils to forge the independence they will need to grow responsibly in the world and society.


It is important to us to give our pupils some flexibility to encourage their growth. Our individual follow-up approach lets us adapt from pupil to pupil. We may also suggest a series of graduated steps to the pupil to establish a programme focused on his/her needs.

Of course, the pupil must invest the necessary personal resources to meet the standard of those values of dialogue, respect, and openness. This has led us to define the basic objectives that each of our pupils must be guided by:

  • Apply demanding but intelligent discipline
  • Do the assigned work
  • Allow others to enjoy an optimal learning environment (e.g. by not disturbing others while moving around the school and talking).

These essential rules lead Montani pupils to behave responsibly. Every day, we encourage our pupils' desire to learn and reach their objectives. Through that desire and their efforts to succeed, they develop confidence in their own abilities. With that achieved, everything else becomes easier as the prevailing spirit in our establishment is one of mutual listening and constructive guidance.

Choosing École Montani means opting for quality mentoring. Specifically, this takes the form of:

  • Individual follow-up
  • A stimulating working atmosphere
  • Emphasis on the main subjects
  • Most work assignments and lessons are done in the classroom
  • Directed study hours
  • Teachers who are competent, available, and enthusiastic.