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École Montani offers orientation unit classes (9th, 10th, 11th secondary classes). The school adheres to the principle of teaching pupils according to their level, to give all our pupils the chance to make the most of their abilities. Each pupil is followed up individually by a designated coach who reviews the pupil's work and writes a monthly report. If necessary, the coach will contact the parents to make decisions concerning possible measures to take to foster the pupil's success. In this way, pupils who have fallen behind get the opportunity to rediscover their taste for learning and the motivation that will let them get off to a better start in working life.
Furthermore, given the proximity between our orientation unit and the Buissonnets high school—with which we share a campus—École Montani is also in a position to offer the very best courses for those wishing to go on to third-level studies.


École Montani's orientation unit classes follow the official academic programme of the Canton of Valais, in particular for the main subjects: French, German, mathematics, and science. With regard to the secondary subjects, the school is careful to establish a fair balance between the pupils' personal development and their acquisition of the skills they will need to enter the job market. The programme therefore makes room for English, computers, history, geography, creative activities, and physical education.

Main subjects

  • French
  • Deutsch
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Secondary subjects

  • English
  • Computers
  • History / Geography
  • Creative activities
  • Physical education



An agreement establishes the relationship between the cantonal government of Valais and private schools that are members of UVEP (the Valais private schools' union).  Pupils who successfully pass their exams at the end of 11th secondary class are authorised to enter level II secondary school (junior high school and business and general schools). The same doors are open to pupils who finish their mandatory school years at École Montani as pupils from public schools.

Moreover, our pupils can have their language or computer skills formally recognised by obtaining diplomas such as:

  • GOETHE-Grundstufe (international German exam)
  • CAMBRIDGE-Ket, Pet, First (international English exam)
  • DELF-A2, B1 (international French exam)
  • ASSAP-national typing exam
  • ICDL-international computer skills exam (L’École Montani is an accredited test centre)